The Kuhn Method, a mental discipline which was developed by New York-based psychiatrist, Daniel Kuhn, M.D., offers a standardized set of stress-management, leadership, and performance enhancement tools applicable in business, creative, individual, and group settings.

Dr. Kuhn developed the Method as part of his search for an effective, efficient alternative to traditional psychoanalysis during his time as a field physician in the Yom Kippur War. In his return to private practice, Dr. Kuhn applied the method—which focuses on the instant neutralization of image-based traumatic energy rather than a long-term ‘understanding’ pursued by traditional analysis—to a range of conditions: from clinically traumatized or dissociative patients to functional, high-achieving professionals looking to maintain, refine, or enhance peak performance.

Today, the KM services both ‘traditional’ patients in need of a practical, cost-effective alternative to psychoanalysis, as well as individuals, teams, and organizations looking for a predictable, standardized method for improving productivity and performance.

In both cases, the Method neutralizes "charged images"—multi-modal memories (Visual, auditory, perceptions, and thoughts) which are associated with single or recurring traumatic incidents. They are addressed and handled by verbal and visual processes. Those images are energized constructs created at the time of recording of a life-endangering experience. 

The KM practitioner directs the individual to locate, evoke, inspect, and then neutralize and erase the negative charge of those constructs. The information is not erased and stays as id in one's memory without having any hypnotic effect on the individual. 

The KM has been applied over 40 years and has been found a safe, effective, cost-efficient way to dismantle the effects of various mental conditions, including PTSD, dissociative, and personality disorders, including many resistive cases that did not respond to traditional therapies. 

While the KM differs in several critical aspects from other cognitive therapies, it aims at recovering a "free state of being" or "free operating consciousness", which is represented under the word 'I' and 'I AM'. The 'I Am!' is a command 'to be', stated in a statement form. 

The KM showed the limitation of 'trying to understand' the meaning or causes of trauma and why a condition has developed and is held in place, for such an approach is based on not knowing and misunderstanding of the mechanism of traumatic fixation in PTSD. The approach is defined as a deconditioning process that focuses on discharge the stored energy.

Likewise, in the peak performance and corporate settings, The Kuhn Workshops assist the participants in clearing their mind of fixed negative patterns of thoughts and behavior, improving attention, creativity, productivity as well as awareness, higher energy and a sense of well being.

For more information regarding the KM, the Kuhn Workshops, or Dr. Daniel Kuhn, please contact Dr. Kuhn at (212) 315-1755.

Daniel Kuhn, MD

Daniel Kuhn, M.D.

Creator of the Kuhn Method