Daniel Kuhn, MD

The Kuhn Method is a breakthrough in the treatment of PTSD.

It approaches the condition as a charged memory and releases it readily with verbal commands. It focuses on the mechanism of fixation and the charge and less on the content of the event and its causes and meanings.

The technique is effective in resolving career and life crises, and releasing barriers to top performance, creativity and one's career. It is a form of self-therapy that is done under guidance and supervision of a trained professional. The Kuhn Method erases both old and forgotten traumas, as well as acute, severe and active, recent ones.

The result is the elimination of all PTSD symptoms, and the recovering of one's pre-traumatic personality and level of function. You can expect a significant result from the first session and achieve more-significant results in a few sessions.

The Kuhn Method Has a Wide Range of Applications Including the Following

The Kuhn Method can effectively treat a wide spectrum of post traumatic conditions like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, post traumatic dissociative disorder, and many cases of anxiety and depression.

It is highly effective for resolving major losses and life crises.

In addition, it can enhance and expand one's career and creativity by eliminating inner barriers to performance.


PTSD is often associated with traumatic experiences like a car accident, an assault, a severe betrayal, or a major career failure. The Kuhn Method can bring you back to a pre-traumatic level of functioning.

Life Crisis

If you feel stuck, trapped, and helpless, and unable to change your negative condition, the Kuhn Method can turn it around so your life starts to roll forward again.

Career Crisis

The Kuhn Method frees you from your negative attitudes, emotions, and conclusions which block you from finding better solutions and moving ahead professionally and individually.


The Kuhn Method helps artists and high-level performers who experience interference in their performing skills and career. The work can be done individually and in a workshop group setting.


Feeling burned out, facing a decline in motivation, productivity and wellbeing can be reversed with the Kuhn Method, bringing about a new phase of growth in your career.  


Professionals like surgeons, pilots, and military personnel who have experienced stressful and traumatic moments followed by difficulties to perform normally, will readily benefit from the Kuhn Method.


Picture of Anonymous Reviewer

Barbara M.

Dr Kuhn and the "Kuhn Method" is life changing! Dr Kuhn's ability to peel away the layers of life stressors and past traumatic events is amazing. Within the hour he is able to uncover the past life events that have been blocking the ability to live your best life possible. Once he uncovers the "splinter" he uses his technique to empower your thought process to no longer feel the pain from the "splinter".  You leave his office feeling as if a weight has been lifted off your shoulders without needed years and years of therapy. I am very grateful to have found Dr Kuhn and his remarkable, life changing technique that has helped me live my best possible life!  Thank you Dr. Kuhn!

Joan Dornemann

Joan Dornemann

Assistant Conductor, The Metropolitan Opera

Thank you for the incomparable work you have done with our artists. We are very aware of the great careers lost to devastating emotional and psychological pain, but with the techniques, you offer we can avoid this kind of great loss. You have provided to our artists the skills to build back their strength, clarity, and self-direction. Your work with our casts of the operas made such a difference in their ability to relate to each other and made them artistically available in ways unimagined. Our rehearsal work was effective and your results immediate.

Joel Silberman

Performing Concert Artist, Director and Master Class Teacher

Thank you for your extraordinary work and the profound effect it has had on my art, career, and life. As a performing concert artist, director, and master class teacher I now present myself to the public with a clarity and lightness not present prior to working with you. Your brilliant yet seemingly simple exercises and well-designed tools continually empower me to be at peak performance from the initial step onto the platform in any situation. No other psychological work that I've done in my life has ever had such a practical a dramatic effect on me.

Dr. Aaron J. Shenhar

Academic Director, Executive Leadership Institute

Thank you for the outstanding workshop you conducted with the managers and executives of Dow Jones & Co. The workshop was a great success. By offering your techniques to these managers, you opened a new dimension in their career development and personal utilization. They felt that much of their problems can be dealt with, while their personal issues did not need to stand in the way. Such a perception is rare in the current complex and dynamic business world, and indeed, you have provided these managers with the clarity to build their strength, confidence, and self-direction.

Nami Leef, President, The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance

Prof. Yinam Leef, Ph.D.

President, The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance

It was very unique to witness how you created a comforting atmosphere and a sense of intimacy and openness, projecting trust and compassion together with the right amount of professional information and rationale. I found the level of attention to be very high and there were some very moving moments when the volunteers seemed to regain the confidence in the themselves during the process.

Peter Mark, General and Artistic Director, Virginia Opera

Peter Mark

General and Artistic Director, Virginia Opera

Having seen your "Kuhn Method" in operation with performing artists in New York City, I was sure you would be able to help our young artists. However, I was not prepared for the care, sensitivity and knowledge of performer and performance issues, and also the speed with which you affected results both in group and in one-on-one sessions.

Michael Stark, President, The New European Surgical Academy

Prof. Dr. Michael Stark

President, The New European Surgical Academy

Your workshop contributed to the high quality of the Conference and the many positive feedbacks we received speaks for itself!

Private Sessions & Company Workshops

Private Sessions

Private sessions with Dr. Kuhn can be done in person, online or over the phone. The initial session is 1 to 1.5 hours long. The treatment is not open-ended and usually reaches stable gains within 3-5 sessions. However, some additional boosting sessions may be needed.*

Company Workshops

Dr. Kuhn provides individual consultations and workshops to middle and top-level management to help key management personnel enhance their executive performance - including productivity and creativity - and well-being.

*If there is an underlying mental disorder other than  PTSD, like a mood disorder or attention and cognitive disorder, psychosis or chronic substance abuse, the patient will require additional psychiatric care for his chronic condition.

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